Frequently Asked Questions

What's on the boat?

We supply you with all that you will need, from diesel and gas, to a well equipped kitchen with fridge, gas cooker, pots & pans, cutlery, crockery and glasses. We provide a bath towel and hand towel per person, whilst the bedrooms have sheets, duvets and pillows for each guest. All the cleaning materials you will need are on board the boat. A hair dryer is also kept on board.

What do I need to bring?

Food and drink if you don't want to stop at the pubs along the canal bank. A pair of non slip shoes are essential, as well as a set of waterproofs and sun cream in the summer. You do not need to dress up on a narrow boat holiday, most people wear casual clothes that are not too valuable as the lock sides can be dirty and some of the equipment can be greasy. We advise that you bring your possessions in a holdall, as storage space is of a premium. You will also need to bring a 12 volt phone charger (the one you plug into your car cigar lighter).

What about insurance?

You are required to take out your own holiday insurance to cover cancellation, personal accident and loss of personal effects.

Safety and Training?

Full safety training will be given when you first arrive on the boat, use of life buoys, automatic life jackets, fire procedures etc. The handover procedure normally lasts between two and three hours depending on previous boating experience, please be assured that we will not leave you until we are happy that you can handle the boat safely and confidently. A copy of The Boater's Handbook will be left on the boat for you but please do not remove it.


In the unlikely event of a breakdown, we are a members of River Canal Rescue (the AA of the waterways) and they will normally be with you within the hour. If a problem occurs please telephone us on the emergency number we have given you and we will do all we can to get you moving again.

How far can I go?

The maximum speed on the canals is 4 mph, however you should slow down to 2 mph when passing moored boats and oncoming boats. If you allow an average speed of 3 mph then add 15 minutes for locks and swing bridges. you can calculate how far you can travel. Please go to our "areas covered" page for ideas and distances.


You can moor anywhere along the towpath unless it tells you you can't. There will be signs telling you "Private" or "No Mooring". You cannot moor next to a lock, swing bridge, winding hole or a water point.

Fuel, Gas and Water?

You will have enough diesel and gas but you may need to refill with water on longer trips (the tank holds 140 gallons). This is covered in the handover.

Can someone steer the boat for me?

Skippered hire is available from £90.00 per day but we cannot guarantee this.

TV music?

Most of the boats are equipped with a digital TV and a radio CD player but the signal along the canal is sporadic at best


Children are more than welcome.

How many can sleep on the boat?

Four people on Abbey; a permanent double at the rear, and a make up double at the front.

Three people on Tinka, the front converts to a double and a single at the rear.

Up to five people on Dottie B, a permanent double at the rear, a make up double and a make up single.