Kennet and Avon Canal Boats is RYA Certified Training Centre providing certification for the following courses:

Inland Waterways Helmsman Certificate £275.00 per person (2 day course)

Inland Waterways Helmsman Certificate Assessment for experienced boaters £160 (1 day course)

Inland Waterways Crew Course £150.00 per person

ICC (International Certificate of Competence) (inc. CEVNI) £300.00 per person

Inland Waterways Course on the way to Bath

Inland Waterways Helmsman Certificate is run over 2 days and covers all aspects of Boat Handling from daily maintenance to mooring, lock work and swing bridges.

The cost of this course is £275 per head (maximum of 3 students to one instructor) for the two day course.

Inland Waterways Helmsman Certificate Assessment is a one day refresher course covering the above aspects for the more experienced boaters. Please note no teaching or coaching may be given and any mistakes would result in a failure.

The cost of this is £160 per head (maximum of 3 students to one instructor).

Both courses cover the same syllabus but the 2 day course gives you more time to practice your skills and conditions permitting, go down onto the River Avon to test out your newfound knowledge.

Autumn colours on the Kennet & Avon

The International Certificate of Competence
If you wish to travel on the European Waterways you will need the International Certificate of Competence or ICC as it is commonly known, and also need to pass a CEVNI Test.

The ICC course is similar to the Inland Waterways course, but with a few extra regulations, safety precautions and a few further skills added. This takes place over 2 days. The cost of the full ICC course and CEVNI test including the required books are £295 per person.

Please note, to take the full ICC course you will have to be able to provide proof that you are a British Citizen.

The CEVNI Test is a short multiple choice exam of 30 questions, which can be taken with us after your ICC course and covers the signage, different buoy markings, sound signals, rules of the rivers and canals, berthing rules and navigation lights that you should know.

If you wish to take just the CEVNI test then the cost of this is £30 per person.

Inland Waterways Crew Course can be run as a standalone course, or in conjunction with the Helmsman’s Course. It is useful as an introduction to friends and family crewing a boat on the inland waterways, giving them an understanding of assisting the helm. This course is £150 per person

Pultney Weir from the River Avon

Overnight accommodation can be provided aboard the boat for £40 including a “cook your own breakfast”. Meals taken ashore are not included in the course fees but we will make sure you are moored close to a good pub.

We can also offer the above courses to you on your own boat (up to a maximum of 3 people) at a cost of £275 per day + travelling costs.

Please ring 01225 722703 (or email) for the latest availability of  course dates as these courses are being added and filled on a regular basis.

We offer a 10% discount on all the course prices to anyone who books a holiday with us.

Course dates: 

We have places available on he following dates:

Wednesday and Thursday the 14th and 15th of September. Two places available.

Wednesday and Thursday the 19th and 20th of October. Three places available.